ORTONVILLE GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM held their Annual Awards Banquet on Monday, March 23 at the Ortonville School. Pictured above with their Awards are,  front row, left to right, Kirsten Erickson (Varsity Hustle Award), Rachel Hoernemann (All Conference, Most Valuable Player and Top Steals), Samantha Erickson (JV Hustle Award) and Emily Bolsta (JV Most Improved Player). Back row, left to right, are Madysen Stegner (All Conference Honorable Mention and Most Improved Player) and Hope Hasslen (All Conference Honorable Mention, Top Rebounder and Top Defender).

Lady Trojans hold annual basketball awards banquet

The Ortonville girls basketball team held their end of the year awards banquet on Monday, March 23 at the Ortonville School. Trojan Head Coach Bob Foley, and assistant coach Ivy Lovgren presented the players with their letters and team awards.

Receiving All-Conference Awards were sophomore Rachel Hoernemann (named Pheasant Conference All-Conference) and junior Hope Hasslen and freshman Madysen Stegner (Honorable Mention).

For the team awards, Rachel Hoernemann was named Most Valuable Player and Top Steals; Kirsten Erickson received the Hustle Award; Hope Hasslen was named Top Rebounder and top Defender; and Madysen Stegner was named Most Improved Player.

Junior Varsity players receiving awards were Emily Bolsta-Most Improved Player and Samantha Erickson-Hustle Award.

Individual records set were: Most Blocked Shots in a Game-eight by Hope Hasslen against the MACCRAY Wolverines; Most Blocked Shots in a season-56 by Hope Hasslen; and Best Field Goal Percentage-49 percent by Rachel Hoernemann.

Top 10 Single Season Records set were: Rachel Hoernemann, 4th place with 409 points and a 17.8 average per game; Rachel Hoernemann, two point field goal shooting (minimum of 100 shots) 1st place, 142/288 for 49.3 percent and three point field goal shooting (minimum of 50 shots) 7th place, 18/58 for 31 percent; and Hope Hasslen, 4th place rebounding with 217 rebounds for an average of 8.7 rebounds per game.

Trojan wrestling team holds end of year Awards Banquet

The Trojan wrestling team held their end of the year Awards Banquet on Thursday, March 26 at the Commons of the Ortonville School. Head Coach Joe Eustice thanked those in attendance for all their efforts during the past season. Awards were presented to cheerleaders, statisticians and wrestlers.

First year wrestler awards were handed out to Isaiah Pelowski, Ty Scofield and Dustin Veen.

Senior awards were presented to Travis Westlund, Robert Wood and Cassie Stengel.

Letter winners were: statisticians Mikala Gimmestad, Edann Cloos and  Ana Lee; cheerleaders Kerstin Cooper, Cassie Stengel, Cidney Norlund and Jennifer Weber; and wrestlers CodyBallard, Dustin Veen, Danny Eastman, Ty Scofield, Tristan Eastman, Benjamin Eustice, Colin Hartman, Joseph Eustice, Michael Roach, Elijah Cloos, James Erickson, Robert Wood, Travis Westlund, Cody Bedore, Andrew Pillatzki and Tyler Jacobson.

Individual Awards were then handed out.

Rookie of the Year-Dustin Veen.

Most Improved JV-Ty Scofield.

Most Improved Varsity-Joseph Eustice.

Hardest Worker JV-Dustin Veen.

Hardest Worker Varsity-Cody Ballard.

Century Award (Awarded to wrestlers that score at least 100 points during the season): Benjamin Eustice (144), Elijah Cloos (121) and Danny Eastman (107).

20 Match winner-Benjamin Eustice (23-13 record).

All-Academic Team-Tyler Jacobson, Travis Westlund, Cody Ballard, Elijah Cloos, James Erickson, Joseph Eustice, Danny Eastman, Colin Hartman, Andrew Pillatzki and Michael Roach.

Coach Eustice informed those in attendance that the Trojans will be moving from Section 3A to Section 5A beginning next season. Eustice said that the team tournament will be held on a Tuesday and Friday, with the #1 and #2 seeded teams hosting the Tuesday matches and the final four at a selected sight. Eustice also stated that Ortonville will host the final four in the 2016-2017 season. The individual tournament will be at a selected sight.

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