OHS CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS are shown above warming up for their morning run. Practice officially began on Monday, Aug. 11 for the 2014 season.  Coach Lynn Keller has 18 athletes (nine boys and nine girls) out for the sport this year in grades 7-12. The Trojans will open their season on Monday, Aug. 25 at the Morris Invitational starting at 5:30 p.m.

Big night of racing last Sat. at Madison Speedway

After a few Saturdays off, racing resumed on Aug. 16 at Madison Speedway with a nice field of cars in attendance for Sundrop Kid's night! Special thanks to Madison Bottling Company and Arlen's Auto Clinic of Appleton.

Winners for the night included: Madison Pure Stocks Jeremy Grinager, Wissota Street Stocks Jordan Tollakson, Wissota Midwest Modifieds Mike Jans, Wissota Super Stocks Nick Schipke, and Wissota Modifieds Andy Gordon.

In the Madison Pure Stocks, Henry Hacker took initial command of the race while Jocob Gregoire, Jeremy Ginager, and Nathan Ruka raced in a cluster for second. Soon Grinager moved solidly into second and crept forward using the highside, until diamonding off turn four to grab the lead at the halfway point. Grinager never looked back as he crossed the checkers first, followed by Ruka, Gregoire, Hacker, and Ryan Bjerkeset in the top five.

After failing to finish his heat race, Jordan Tollakson made an impressive run from last to first to score the Wissota Street Stock victory. At the drop of the green, Jon Tollakson and Ryan Nelson battled side-by-side for the lead, with Jon prevailing after a few quick cautions. Soon Jordan's charge forward on the highside was evident, as he and Mike Jans split Nelson to move into second and third, respectively. Jordan quickly chased down younger brother Jon, and took over the top spot before the halfway point. Jans trailed Jordan and moved into second, but was unable to reel in the lead. Jordan Tollakson took home the hardware, trailed by Jans, Jon Tollakson, Nelson, and Derek Rieck of Ortonville in the top five.

Blake Swenson and Mike Jans put on an exciting show as they ran door-to-door for the top spot throughout the entire Wissota Midwest Modified feature. With Jans running the lowside and Swenson on the highside, the pair swapped positions throughout the race as several yellows fell. Behind the leaders, Troy Berends, Josh Roggatz, and DJ Tesch battled for the third position as Scott Harrington charged his way from the tailend starting position up to sixth. At the checkers, Jans prevailed by half a car length over Swenson, followed by Berends, Roggatz, and Tesch in the top five.

In the Wissota Super Stocks, Nick Schipke quickly powered into the lead on the start and strolled away with the win. Gary Husmann maintained second early on, as Bob Holtquist and Jay Hedtke worked to gain position before the caution flew. On the restart, Husmann felt pressure from Holtquist and Hedtke. Holtquist completed the pass for second; and soon after, Hedtke followed through to move into third. Hedtke continued to use the lowside and ducked under Holtquist for second as he set off to chase down Schipke. However, the lead was too big to catch and Schipke crossed the checkers first. Jay Hedtke, Justin Hedtke, Holtquist, and Husmann rounded out the top five.

A full field of twenty Wissota Modifieds pulled onto the track for the final feature of the night, with Jeff Flaten and Brent Dutenhoffer occupying the front row. Dutenhoffer worked the topside and held onto the lead early as Phil Braun slid into second. Farther back, Brady Gerdes, Brett Hoium, and Andy Gordon raced for the third position. With Gordon prevailing in third, he soon set sights on Braun for second place. After a quick side-by-side battle, Gordon took over second and drove low to nab the lead from Dutenhoffer off turn two. Gerdes followed Gordon through the pack, but ran out of time to reel in the lead. Gordon captured the trophy, tailed by Gerdes, Zach Schultz, Dutenhoffer, and Hoium.

Racing continues next Saturday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. when the Wissota Late Models visit Madison Speedway. All five regular classes will also be in attendance. More info can be found on www.madisonspeedwaymn.com or www.facebook.com/madisonspeedway.

NWTF pledges support for NSSF’s Project ChildSafe

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) recently joined the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) Project ChildSafe to promote firearm safety messaging and the Own It? Respect It. Secure It.SM (ORS) initiative. It is a natural fit as firearm safety is of the utmost importance to the NWTF and its Hunting Heritage Programs.

“Our Hunting Heritage programs are designed to create future generations of hunters through the introduction of outdoors sports, firearm safety and overall sportsmen ethics. We also strongly reinforce the importance of safe firearm handling and storage for time not spent in the field,” said Mandy Harling, NWTF Hunting Heritage Programs manager. “Project ChildSafe and ORS initiative messaging will be integrated into our programs as a way to further reinforce the importance of firearm safety.”

Safely securing firearms in the home is the leading preventative measure for firearm related accidents, thefts and misuse. According to a National Safety Council report, accidental firearm fatalities dropped 22 percent during the years Project ChildSafe has been in effect. These instances now account for less than one percent of all fatalities nationwide.

“Partnerships with industry organizations like the NWTF play an integral role in furthering firearm safety,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “The more organizations and individuals who join in repeating the message of Own It? Respect it. Secure it.SM, the greater opportunity we have to help reduce firearm accidents.”

NSSF launched Project ChildSafe in 1999 (prior to 2003 the program was called Project HomeSafe) as a nationwide initiative to promote firearms responsibility and provide safety education to all gun owners. Through partnerships with more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies, the program has provided more than 36 million free firearm safety kits to gun owners in all 50 states and five U.S. territories. That’s in addition to the more than 70 million free locking devices manufacturers have included with new firearms sold since 1998, which continues today.

The NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative is a charge that mobilizes science, fundraising and devoted volunteers to give the NWTF more energy and purpose than ever. Through this national initiative, NWTF has committed to raising $1.2 billion to conserve and enhance more than 4 million acres of essential upland wildlife habitat, create at least 1.5 million hunters and open access to 500,000 acres for hunting, shooting and outdoor enjoyment. Without hunters, there will be no wildlife or habitat. The NWTF is determined to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

To learn more about the NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative, visit www.nwtf.org.

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